Violins Duo - Anet & Andy

Anet & Andy are the members of the Duo Lovely Violins have known each other professionally for over 20 years.

Mgr. art. Aneta Lednická ArtD. , member of the Slovak National Theater - first violin
Mgr. art. Andrea Benická ArtD. , member of the Slovak Philharmonic - first violin

The first joint collaboration was in the years 2004 - 2009 in the well-known girl group G-strinx.
Together with the G-strinx trio, they have performed many concerts not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. On tour with the group Elán in 2007, they performed together in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Carnegie Hall.
In 2008, they recorded the album Angeldust, where they also presented themselves as singers. They took part in the Eurovision Song Contest Slovakia 2009
In 2017-2018, they collaborated as violinists in the Rape r Vivaldi project on the same stage with Kali, Majk Spirit and Celeste Buckingham.

Photogallery of Lovely Violins Duo